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Software is our passion!

RadiantFleet is a client-centric software solution for management companies, ship owners and crewing agencies. Our software helps businesses digitalize their workflow, cut costs and improve budgeting and productivity. We provide our clients with a unique competitive advantage in a challenging market.

Company information

RadiantFleet was founded in 2012 by a team of software engineers with experience in building commercial and maritime software for multinational enterprises. Their mission is to provide fully managed maritime solutions that relief clients from administrative processes and allow them to focus on executing their core business. Our software engineers developed a cloud solution that is distributed globally to clients, including their foreign offices, partners, vessels and crews. The cloud solution is equipped with innovative, fast and user-friendly tools that are customized to meet clients' needs and exceed their expectations. Our goal is to help our clients achieve operational excellence by enabling efficiency improvements, enhanced collaboration and unlocking competitive advantages in the maritime industry.

RadiantFleet Solution

Our solid proprietary framework brings together the best and most innovative technologies to build fast, beautiful and easily adapted maritime solutions. On top of this platform we released the best in class Fleet and Crew Management modules. Our Cloud solution was funded as an innovative solution by European Union and was admitted to PortXL program in Rotterdam. In July 2017 RadiantFleet welcomed Indofin Group as equity investor and strategic partner. Indofin Group is actively involved in the management and the business development of RadiantFleet. We are continuously designing and developing new innovative modules and features, but with the same client-centric philosophy. Our modules show patterns, trends and associations related to processes to maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs.


RadiantFleet is a trusted advisor, and a partner with honesty, fairness and integrity. In an age of constant change, RadiantFleet's culture of continuous development and innovation will keep our clients a step ahead of the rest.