RadiantFleet announces new agreement

15 November 2017

As published by PortXL (direct link to PDF)

RadiantFleet announces agreement with Clearwater Ship Management

RadiantFleet is on a roll. In July 2017 the start-up, that provides maritime software solutions, welcomed Indofin Group as equity investor and strategic partner. As of November, RadiantFleet has announced their agreement with Clearwater Ship Management. The agreement includes the use of the RadiantFleet software platform (software as a service) for Crew and Fleet Management. Clearwater will manage from Rotterdam the shipping gateway to Europe.

Clearwater Ship Management was established in 1995 and operates a fleet of short-sea and long-haul oil and chemical tankers. Currently, Clearwater manages 11 tankers from Rotterdam and it is planning to capitalize new growth opportunities. Clearwater’s growth plans already started taking shape since they have agreed to take under management another 3 vessels by the first quarter of 2018.

In 2017 Clearwater joined forces with 24Vision, a multi-disciplined group who specialises in solution for ships, cargoes, bunkering, risk and insurance. It was 24Vision’s CIO Jeroen Binnekamp who approached RadiantFleet’s co-founder Sofoklis Papasofokli after coming across PortXL. RadiantFleet has a service platform for Crew and Fleet Management for ship owners, ship managers and crewing agencies.

More than a software tool

“RadiantFleet clearly has a vision. It is more than a software tool. It is a solution that creates performance. The entire mechanics and design philosophy makes RadiantFleet stand out. Their biggest value is transparency and speed,” according to Clearwater Managing Director Martijn Mobach. For RadiantFleet this is an opportunity to launch their solution in the Netherlands and to demonstrate the value of innovative software in the shipping sector. Clearwater’s innovative ideas will help RadiantFleet with further solution development. Mobach states: “the expectations from both sides are huge! For Clearwater, RadiantFleet will bring the next advantage that fits our proprietary ship management approach.”

“The successful implementation of our solution for Clearwater is our highest priority,” says RadiantFleet’s co-founder Sofoklis Papasofokli. “We are working on expanding our business globally. Our partnership with Indofin Group, closed in July 2017, will be the cornerstone for this effort,” says Papasofokli. “We also expect to have a successful long-term business relationship with Clearwater. The smooth cooperation we have had until today combined with Clearwater’s innovation spirit are the ingredients to make this happen.”

Marios Papasofokli