Partnership with Indofin Group

26 October 2017

July 2017 RadiantFleet has welcomed Indofin Group as equity investor and strategic partner. Indofin Group is actively involved in the management and business development of RadiantFleet. The Indofin Group brings over 4 decades of expertise in the shipping industry and management of international companies. RadiantFleet is convinced that Indofin Group will be an important catalyser for growing the business and will be a cornerstone in the global expansion of RadiantFleet.

Indofin Group Information

The Indofin Group is a globally operating investment group with offices in Geneve, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Rotterdam. Founded in 1968, they are actively involved in the provision of private equity and the management of companies in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and Asia, through minority and majority participations. The Group is 100% owned by the De Bruin family.
Together with its strategic partners the Group has made investments in excess of €2,5 billion.

Contact: Mr. H.J. van Dam (, Investment Manager

Marios Papasofokli