New flight integration with Global Marine Travel is now available with Radiant Crewing

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radiant crewing flights integration

New flight integration with Global Marine Travel is now available with Radiant Crewing

RadiantFleet has announced the second successful integration with Fly2C Online Booking technology provided by Global Marine Travel.

Heinemann Americas, Inc., a Miami based concessionaire for the cruise industry, has recently taken the next step in flight bookings with the successful integration of Fly2C in concert with their existing human resources platform. Heinemann originally adopted the RadiantFleet platform in 2019 to keep up with their growing shipboard division after partnering with GMT for crew travel bookings.

Natalia Rolle, Associate Director of Shipboard HR for Heinemann said, “we welcome the integration with Fly2C, as we know that a streamlined and flexible process, especially during this time, is vital concerning flight bookings for our crew members. Having such flexibility available at our fingertips allows us to handle unplanned changes that oftentimes arise in a more efficient manner.”

This marks the second successful integration of Fly2C and RadiantFleet in the Commercial Maritime sector. In 2019, RadiantFleet and GMT implemented Fly2C for Clearwater Ship Management, in Rotterdam, a ship management company specializing in the tanker segment.

Crewing Officer, Miranda Vigo, at Clearwater said, “the integration of Fly2C was the best “change” in my career up till now! It’s saving me a lot of time and it’s great to have the e-tickets within a few moments. On top of that I don’t need to bother GMT anymore with my telephone calls and questions to look for another airport, for example. Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we often have to book seafarers to other airports and by using Fly2C I can book our seafarers to any place in the world on my own.”

RadiantFleet, a Cyprus-founded cloud-based software solutions company, is leading the way for digital transformation in the cargo, tanker, cruise, oil and gas industries with their robust platform of maritime solutions, including Radiant Crewing, Radiant Payroll, Radiant Crew Portal, Radiant Procurement, Radiant Maintenance and Radiant Transshipment.

They provide their solutions to ship management, crewing agencies and ship owners, helping them plan, administer, budget and track maritime assets, processes and human resources all in one easy-to-use platform.

“During this difficult time, it is important for us to support our clients’ digital workflows in any way possible”, said Marios Papasofokli, Co-Founder of RadiantFleet. “To do so, we are constantly adding more integrations to our platform, allowing clients to easily connect to their favourite software and partners. This allows our clients to go from planning a crew change to printing contracts, booking flight arrangements and informing all relevant stakeholders in just a few clicks”, he added. “Budgets and expenditures are always kept in line since all data is always consolidated back in Radiant Crewing, making the process smooth, simple and streamlined.”

Global Marine Travel, a member of the V.Group Marine Services Division, is an industry leader in bringing digitalization to the marine industry through a broad suite of travel technology for both the marine and corporate sectors. The Fly2C platform connects to virtually any crewing software, pre-filling all passenger data to allow seamless, transparent bookings. With multi-level approvals, and the ability to book from a laptop, tablet, or even phone, Fly2C can be utilized across multiple offices and share flight information to agents, seamen, and captains.

Chris Podolsky, Global Head of Sales for GMT said, “if there is one thing that 2020 has shown the travel industry, it’s that digitalization is the key to business continuity under adverse conditions. We recognized early that although many of our customers business was severely curtailed, there would soon come a day when travel corridors would reopen. While we were busy assisting stranded customers and helping to resume crew changes, we invested in technology tools to help customers re-start their business on a more streamlined and cost-efficient model. The versatility of the Fly2C platform essentially provides “plug and play” connectivity to companies looking to interface travel with their existing Human Resources software.”

For more information, or to find out how your company can get started on integrating this type of cloud-based technology into your ship management process, please contact us.

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