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Easy collaboration and information flow in a distributed environment spanning countries, continents and oceans.


User satisfaction and productivity increase with a quick, user friendly platform which facilitates data organization, search and analysis.

Custom solutions

We design, develop, and support custom-made solutions. Your business is changing, now your software can lead the way.

Fully managed

We take care of everything, letting you focus on your core business.

Personnel management, Seaman management

Personnel Management

Access and manage crew information on a simple interface.

Find the ideal candidate for your job post from thousands of potential crew members through the filtering and sorting options.

Visualize your crew strengths and weaknesses through a special data analysis program.

Graphical Planner

Graphical Planner

Use an extremely fast planner that outperforms desktop applications.

Have a complete and comprehensive view of your fleet and crew anytime, through advanced filters and sort options.

Identify your planning bottlenecks, plan crew and crew changes, monitor budget deviations, and detect missing certificates for your current or potential crew members.

Vessel Management

Vessel Management

It's all about ships.

Stay up-to-date with the vessel’s schedule and crew status through crew lists and smart summary charts and timelines.

Share vessel information with everybody working in RadiantFleet.
It has never been so easy to keep everybody “on the same page”.

Crew Change

Crew Changes made simple

Manage crew changes easily.

Adjust sign-on/off dates for all crew members with a click of a button, selecting the most suitable seamen to join a specific crew change.

Plan your crew changes, send emails and create reports.

Wage Scales

Crew Payroll

Standardize crew wages through defined Wage Scales.

Keep your cash flow and profit margins under control by creating and using budgets.

Identify deviations by comparing your vessel position planning with budget.

Custom PDF Report Generation

Minimize the risk of human error and increase efficiency through automatic customized reports.
Click on the image to download an example PDF (31KB)

Crew Analytics


Learn more about your crew and vessels and find ways to improve your business. A large quantity of data is added every day. Yet data is useless if you cannot explore it.

Gain insights with comprehensible data visualizations and advanced filtering of a rich, interactive data.

Work on a simple interface on the same platform you use for your day-to-day operations, updated in real-time.

Certificate Management

Certificate Management

Crew certificate requirements are getting more complicated. Stay on top of the complexity, and manage change, while keeping everybody involved updated.

Identify and update missing or expired certificates easily. Set up crew certificate requirements and publicize them to crew, manning agents, port agents, and vessels.

Maximize your operational efficiencies by doing the work only once.

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