Crew Portal

Radiant Crew Portal

Everything your crew needs in one place. Accessible from mobile and desktop devices, the Radiant Crew Portal enhances communication between your organisation and its crew members. Instantly access and distribute anything from assignments, to crew information, contracts, payslips, travel information, shift schedules, expenses and crew requests.

Radiant Crew Portal Features

My Dashboard

Access data related to current and upcoming assignments, including travel information. Check the status of required certificates.

My Information

Upload, view and edit your personal data including contract, address and travel preference information.

My Relationships

Similar functionality as in the ‘My Information’ page. Add and edit information about your next of kin.

My Assignments

View your assignments within the organization and related information such as type, assignment rank, the name of the vessel and duration.

My Documents

Find your important certificates and documentation. Download for further use.

My Evaluations

Check your employment evaluation. Self-evaluate and compare results with management assessment.

My Shifts

Overview your weekly shifts planned in a simple and user friendly format.

My Time Recordings

Record your working hours per day and get approval of the ‘actual’ working hours from the management.

My Expenses

Submit your expenses by adding related receipts to the report and get approval or payment rejection. Easily check the reimbursement status of the expenses.

My Applications

Access quick links to other applications on the platform, such as training materials and other links added by your organization.

My Contracts

View and download your employment contracts within the organization.

My Newsletters

Receive and view newsletters and messages distributed by the management of the organization.

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