RadiantFleet completes technical security assessment

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RadiantFleet completes technical security assessment

RadiantFleet assigned Base Cyber Security to conduct the technical security assessment for its platform. The aim was to assess overall security posture of the RadiantFleet platform and the assessment included, among others, the testing in various vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10.

The objectives of the tests were:

  1. To discover any IT and security flaws that could be exploited by a cyber attacker.
  2. To check the possibility if any external unauthorised or partially authorised party can gain administrative access or any kind of privileged access outside their access authority.
  3. To check the possibility if any unauthorised party can access, compromise or manipulate data.
  4. To check the possibility if any unauthorised party can inject malicious code or disrupt the platform normal operation.
  5. To check the existence of any other possible ways to bypass the security measures and to use the platform in an unintended way.


The 1st phase of the technical security test was conducted in July 2017 and the 2nd phase in October 2017. The Tests included Black Box Testing followed by a Grey Box Test on the RadiantFleet platform.

RadiantFleet acknowledges the importance of cyber security and the importance of compliance with legal requirements related to data protection. For these reasons, RadiantFleet considered and implemented all technical requirements during the platform development.

RadiantFleet will continue its successful business relationship with Base Cyber Security and is committed to perform regular cyber security tests in order to keep its platform secure and up-to-date.

Marios Papasofokli
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