Radiant Crew Portal: Everything your crew needs in one place

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Radiant Crew Portal

Radiant Crew Portal: Everything your crew needs in one place

At RadiantFleet, we know how crucial it is for your crewing processes to be optimized. Radiant Crew Portal was created to enhance communication between your organization and its crew members. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use portal designed to provide your crew access  to real time data regardless of location.

Radiant Crew Portal allows crew members to check and maintain their personal data on both mobile and desktop devices. Each crew member is provided with a personal username and password, in order to access the solution. Once logged in to the portal, they are able to:

  • Overview information related to current and upcoming assignments, including rank certificate requirements and travel information
  • View and edit personal and next of kin information
  • View, edit and download important certificates and documentation
  • Create self-evaluation and receive management evaluation results
  • Receive planned shift schedule and register the actual working hours
  • View and download employment contracts and payslips
  • Create expense reports and get information for the reimbursement status
  • Receive important newsletters and messages from the organization

Radiant Crew Portal is a customized solution, which allows to automate costly processes effectively. It lowers costs and increases productivity, by improving visibility and crew satisfaction. Keep your crew always engaged and connected.

Inga Greidane

Marketing Manager

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